Computerized Valet Parking System: Your Inside Guide On How They Work For Your Business

A Computerized Valet Parking System or CVPS is like the traditional parking valet service in the purest sense. An attendant will still park and retrieve your vehicle. The difference is that an automated valet service helps provide more features and services to customers. Continue reading to know more about how a computerized valet parking system works.

Computerized Valet Parking System

Online Reservation

Businesses, regardless of their industry or targeted niche, need customers to survive and thrive. Many customers have vehicles, and one of their hassles is to find a good parking spot. It’s a waste of effort and time on their part if they go around a couple of times in the parking lot trying to look for the right place to leave their automobile while they transact in your establishment.

Firms can deliver excellent customer service by installing a CVPS. Integrate the system with a mobile app or web portal to let users select a parking spot even before they arrive at your establishment. With the parking spot reserved, the customer may enter and leave your establishment with a smile on their face.

Here’s how an online reservation for a CVPS works:

  • Customers reserve their preferred parking spaces from dial-up modules, SMS messaging, mobile apps, or valet parking kiosks. Compatibility for mobile apps depends on the manufacturer and developer of the system. A CVPS may work on the Android or iOS platforms, or both. 
  • A server keeps the acquired information for data processing, storing, and retrieval. Businesses need to have a reliable Internet connection to make the system run like a well-oiled machine. 
  • After the customer chooses the preferred mode of transaction, they need to input specific pieces of information like the owner’s name and vehicle’s number. 
  • A printed pass with a barcode should appear from the kiosk. Mobile app users should receive a picture with the barcode on their device’s screen. 
  • The customer should give or show their pass to the attendant upon arrival at the business establishment.

Proper Documentation

Automated valet parking systems help provide business establishments with proper documentation of every vehicle that enters and exits the property. The documented information may include the ticket number, time and date of parking reservation, time and date of the customer’s entrance and exit into the parking compound, and a photo of the automobile.

Your business can save money from any legal responsibilities if customers start to make false claims. Traditional valet parking system, however, may not have an extensive amount of data to show courts during legal activities.

Automated Vehicle Retrieval

Computerized Valet Parking System

A CVPS may apply the use of a dedicated parking establishment filled with automated pieces of machinery for automatic automobile retrievals. While the investment for this computerized service is expensive for businesses, it can mean you’re willing to go the extra mile for delivering customer satisfaction.

The following can be the process of automatically retrieving a car from a CVPS:

  • Put the parking card or scan the parking paper on the kiosk.
  • Vehicle owners will see the status of their automobiles’ retrieval and deliveries. This process should take about three to five minutes to complete.
  • The robotic system will deliver the car facing forward for a smooth, fast, and safe exit from the computerized parking garage.
  • Exit the terminal and the premises.

If you don’t want to invest in a robotic parking garage, you can still use a CVPS, but the retrieval and delivery of your customer’s vehicles will rely on an attending driver.

The Benefits of Using a CVPS

Numerous benefits await business establishments that incorporate a CVPS for their employees and customers. Here are a few advantages to help you decide if getting an automated valet service fits your business model.

  • The possibility of increasing the number of customers

News will travel fast if you have a CVPS. People like to bask in excellent customer service regardless of the company. With news heard about your automated parking system, potential customers may get excited about transacting with your business because of the additional layer of convenience.

  • A safe parking system for clients and staff members

Customers may want to stay longer in your establishment knowing their vehicle is in a secure parking spot. In the event of cars getting stolen from your commercial property, tracking the automobile is easy, thanks to the documentation provided by the system.

  • Elevate your competitive edge

A CVPS helps produce an aura of luxury for your business. It can attract a specific clientele, and it may help attract high-end customers to your commercial establishment. The addition of more premium customers to your firm elevates your status of the industry where your business lies.

A CVPS can potentially bring more business to commercial establishments. Use this technology to help attract different customers as you provide an extra layer of convenience and customer service. You may want to use a guide for buying a CVPS if you’re already looking forward on purchasing an automated parking service for your customers.  

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