Google Nexus 6 New Features,Specifications, Release date and Price

5.5 Inch Nexus 6 with Theft Prevention Technology Expected Later This Year!

The speculations have started gearing up. Good news for the fans as Google is going to work on the Nexus 6 Phone series. Now it’s pretty obvious to start analyzing about its release dates. If the sources are to be believed the Nexus 6 holds maximum possibility to be available with its full shape during the later parts of the year. The year end is certainly going to be exciting for the tech freaks, as we have already aware of iPhone 6, Xperia Z3, and now the Nexus 6 to rock the stage. The device is said to be carrying the contemporary hybrid size commonly called as phablets.    

The Ultimate Android Product:

If thing that you, we all have heard comes true, then according to the source this is going to be the last absolute Android device. No wonder, it will try to make a grand bid-adieu (of its kind) with Nexus 6 Phone in the form of a complete phablet. If the sources are to be believed the product is going to pack a 5.5 inch display.  
But, the sources have been baffling things on this regard. The practical outcome of the product hasn’t been yet finalized. It is expected that the product may be come with its form post LG G3. It is here to mention that South Korean giant LG is the mastermind behind successful Nexus series (4 and 5).

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Things have been trendy on this matter. Everyone is aware of the Optimus G. It was a couple of years back when the product came out with its physical shape. It is here to remind you that after Nexus 4 it came out with a product that matches with G.
Now things can be related for the next Nexus series. Only you have to make a transition from 2012 to 2013 and the product is Nexus 5.
Still, nothing can be locked and can be said to be following with the upcoming Nexus 6 Smart phone as well. If you ask about the official statements on this matter, then there is no confirmation. However, you can expect this to be the ultimate product from South Korean giant of its kind.

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Finally, all that we can say being made with G3 concept, the latest Nexus product may carry a 5 inch display.

Google Nexus 6 specifications

  • Quad Core (Krait 450)  2.4Ghz+ processor
  • Atleast 3 GB of RAM
  • 64 GB Internal Memory20MP ultra low light camera with 5MP front camera
  • 3100 mAh battery
  • 5.5 inch 2K Ultra HD Display
  • Finger print Scanner,Health,atmosphere and other sensors.

Nexus 6 Price :

The Upcoming Google Nexus 6 could be priced at Rs.40000.

Interesting feature

Though there are not many features those have been leaked (except the rumour mills), still there is enough reason to make the fans happy. The biggest factor on this regard can be the Android 5.0. With Android 5.0 it can definitely be a interesting product under its category.

However, the most interesting feature that has been blended is the theft prevention feature. According to the sources, the product is going to be having a native switch on this matter. 

With almost no chance or very narrow chance of making business with stolen android devices, the feature certainly going to make this kind of situation or people disappointed.

Though we can’t say anything with a damn confirmation, still as we have discussed above the product is most probably going to make its first appearance during the October and November of this year. So just wait and watch!