Great Apps to Create Hilarious Social Media Content


Social media is an integral part of our lives, whether we like to admit it or not. It wields more power over our collective consciousness than ever before. Instead of wasting countless hours on it, I have managed to make it work for me. Still, it wasn’t easy. Creating social media content that is both engaging yet unobtrusive means walking a fine line between good taste and blatant marketing. If you run a business that relies on online activity for revenue, you will know how difficult it is to stay afloat and capture the public’s attention and imagination.

Make hilarious videos when all other marketing strategies fail

In my years as a business owner involuntarily-turned marketing director, I have come to realize that nothing works quite as well as humor. If you can make people laugh, you have found a way to their heart and – more often than not – to their wallet. Manage to inject a healthy dose of humor into your online posts and you will be on the right track to success. The best advice I can give you is to learn how to make funny videos or memes. It’s as simple as that. Unlike the previous generations, we have all the resources we need for it on our smartphones and tablets. I make most of my content without even cracking my laptop open. Make a funny video by yourself and see how well it is received. You’ll be surprised.

Learn how to write comedy & avoid the risk of dull content

Not everyone has a flair for comedy. I know I was terrible at it at first. No shame in admitting this. Still, like any other skill in the world, being funny too can be taught. Look for sketch comedy script samples and learn about their basic structure. Knowing where to place the punchline is crucial. Some sketch comedy writing exercises would do you good. Your social media content will normally be short so try not to get too worked up about it. You don’t have to be a pro sketch comedy writer to make it work. Learn how to present a single, consistent joke, how to make comedy skits on YouTube, and you’re good to go.

Create amazing memes & never let your social media engagement drop

My social media engagement is important to me. It helps my business thrive. I use a simple, free social media content creator to make humorous content for my social media outlets. You only need a good video editor for your clips and a free website content generator for your memes to make it happen. While looking to step up my game, I found this great list of apps that could help you get started and drastically improve your social media game.

Great Apps to Help Create Viral Content

A few of these I have used daily for months – even years. Others have proved a welcome addition to my workflow. They help me a great deal when using humor in social media to attract more customers and make a profit.


Your social media presence can make or break your business. How you present your goods or services is important. Humor has proven one of the most potent marketing strategies and one many companies are only beginning to discover. Creating short, funny video clips or great memes has helped my business thrive. You don’t even need any expensive equipment to create them – just use your smartphone. A good video editor, a meme maker, and an app to teach you the basics of writing comedy is all you need to make your social media engagement explode.

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