Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Getting Ready to Roar

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumors Started Spreading like Fire

The ruler in smartphones manufacturing Samsung will launch its best phablet in 2015. It will launch its phablet in the Galaxy Note series. Probably by now you must have taken an assumption. Yes, it will be Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Last month Samsung launched one phablet under this series whose name is Note 4. If you look at that smartphone you will realize that hardly there is anything left in terms of features. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is packed with latest features. From Design to Display or camera to processor, everything is just perfect. It is the top smartphone by Samsung till now.

samsung galaxy note 5
Well, today we have become so Gadgets Freak that now no gadget satisfies our needs. We want to move towards technology as close as possible. Samsung is one such company who binds the customer with the latest technology.

Since 2011 Samsung releases one smartphone from its Note series at the end of the year. You can expect Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release at the end of 2015. And you can expect all the future technologies and features in this phablet. This high price Note series from Samsung is one of the amazing series of smartphones which can compete with Apple’s iPhone too. :p

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 5 be the most powerful phablet of 2015?

Well, there are 90% chances to stay on positive side. Samsung is the ruler of smartphone all over the world, and it has the capability to inbuilt latest features in this phablet. Some alternatives could be Apple IPhone 7 which will release in 2015 too. And Samsung Galaxy S6 which will also release in March 2015. Apart from these three no other smartphone will be capable of giving tough competition Galaxy Note 5.

Expected Specifications – Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • First thing you can assume the size. As Note series is famous in the market due to its bigger size. So everyone we can expect a slightly bigger version of Galaxy Note 4. The size would be around 6 Inches. One new feature of Flexible design may also introduce in this phablet too.
  • Everyone likes HD display. iPhone 6 comes with Retina HD display while Note 4 comes of Quad HD Super AMOOLED display. So you can expect the better HD display i.e. UHD Super AMOLED display in Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Most of the high end smartphones runs on Octa Core processor. So we can expect a 64 bit Octa Core processor for this most powerful phablet of 2015 too. To back the power, it will be supported by either 4GB or 5GB RAM.
  • Android L will launch in 2015. And it is pretty obvious to guess that Note 5 will also run on Android L operating System. Bluetooth 5.0, 4G connectivity, advance sensors may also introduce with this phablet.
  • It is expected that Samsung will insert the best possible lens in the camera to improve camera quality. Although camera of 21 MP is expected with Full HD video recording. For the front camera, 8MP may be possible.

Final Verdict :

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will release at the end of 2015. It will release after all the major upcoming smartphones of 2015. So there is always a chance for revision to inbuilt best features. This phablet from Samsung will rock the world with its awesome features.

  1. How much will the galaxy note 5 cost I will be getting the galaxy note 4 soon if there isgoing to be ddifferent phone or more advance galaxy note 5 maybe I should wait

  2. Hey Abdul,

    Nicely written specs and exceptions about note 5, I am dam sure if these specs in the upcoming Samsung note 4 then it will be defiantly roar the android phone’s market.

    Yash Gohel

  3. As expected! Samsung thinks way far than any other tech giants at the present moments. With the series of uncountable smartphones, this new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would definitely makes its own way through a list of innovative features inside. Many people have started expecting a few more innovative features which are out of imagination. Come on, bring it on!