How to Convert Text/Articles to Sound/Speech

 Ever Wondered that how to Convert TEXT/ARTICLES toSOUND/SPEECH ?.Today i’m going to Share an awesome website which converts the text of any website to sound.You can listen to News,FavouriteWebsites,BlogsYou can also Download them and listen afterwards in mp3 format.

How to Convert Text/Articles to Sound/Speech?

1.First Visit

2.Type the URL you want to Hear the Sound.

3.Type your Email Address.

That’s it friends Now you will be Redirected to a page containing your Article.It will Automatically Start Playing Your Article.

If you want to Download your Text to Sound Converted Article you should Register by your Facebook ID or your Email. will send your article in MP3 Format to your Registered Email Address.

It has Apps for Android,Apple,Windows Supported Devices.They are easy to use and user Friendly.

It has a Chrome Browser Add-on too.

Available in the Chrome Web Store

It can sync your Text to speech Converted Audio Files to Drop box, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive.

One can also like to change his voice and try to make sound of other people. Presently in the market there are some apps like Voice Changer for Discord that facilitate this feature.

Alternatives to it are :-






The above Alternatives converts the text to Speech from Your typed text,Your Computer,Drop box,Google Docs and also from E books.But the important thing is it can’t convert from URL to speech or sound.

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