How to Share your Computer’s internet with Android Mobile (Reverse Tethering)

Today I want to share an awesome trick with you.Had you tried or used the Tethering feature on your Android?If yes then you might be searching for sharing your PC’s internet with your Android mobile by using a data cable.


What’s the meaning of Android Tethering and what’s the use of it?

Android Tethering is an awesome feature integrated in Most higher android versions that allow users to share their mobile’s internet connection (Data) with their computer.


What’s the meaning and use of Android Reverse Tethering?

Android Reverse Tethering is a great unofficial feature of Android mobiles.As the name itself says “Reverse”, it is totally the reverse of Android Tethering.It lets users to share their Computer’s internet connection with their Android Mobile.The main thing is we can Share our PC’s internet connection with our android phone without using WiFi.

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What do you Require for Android Reverse Tethering?


1. A Rooted Android Mobile.
2. Reverse Teathering Application (both in your mobile and computer)
3. A Data cable.

So lets proceed for the trick.

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How to Share your Computer’s internet with your Android Mobile :-

1.Download the Android Reverse Tethering files from here.

2.Open the Downloaded files folder.

3.Copy the “Installed.apk” and “Exposed installer” to your android mobile and install them.


4.Connect your Mobile to the Computer with a USB Cable.Enable USB debugging mode in your mobile by going to >>Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB Debugging >> Turn On
(Also Make sure that you have necessary drivers installed in your PC)

5.Now open the “AndroidTool.exe” Software in your Computer.

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6.Check your DNS and then click Connect.


7.After clicking connect a dialog box will open showing the progress bar,wait until it loads for some time.Your phone will be prompted to Grant Access to application called USB tunnel,Just grant access.

8.After that the dialog box closes and a graph will be showing your data usage.


That’s it friends if you get this screen then you must be successfull in sharing your Computer’s internet connection with your android mobile.

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Troubleshooting :

If the above method does not works you should install an optional hack present in Android Tool.Just move the tab to “tools” and click “install hack (optional)”.Also sometimes the ADB doesn’t works just kill it and restart.

  1. Ah, I’m not very adventurous with messing with my OS Android. I have partitioned a drive to have 2 different OS on my laptop, but that was years back. Now- I like things idiot proof. 🙂 I emailed this to my husband.