How To Root Android Without Computer

Hello readers, you must be aware of rooting your Android devices using various methods. In this article we are going to discuss about how to root android without computer or pc i.e., the methods for rooting your Android device without connecting it to PC.

how to root android without computer

For the newbies, you must know what rooting means. Rooting is the process by which an user can get root access
( Super user rights ) of the device to accomplish various tasks which is not possible without rooting.

There are many positive and negative views about “rooting” an Android device. I don’t want you to just root your device by the methods without knowing about the advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to know these first. You may guess now why every android rooting tutorial contains ” We are not responsible for any damage to your device “.

Advantages of Rooting :

1. Hunt Down the Hidden features in a device and install incompatible apps : You may have seen app similar to DU Speed Booster, which requires “root access”. Features like to control CPU frequency,speed etc. And sometimes you may wonder why on a fine day on earth an app doesn’t work on your device ? Well, after rooting you may see the same app work.

2. Take Control Of All the Processes : The toggle menu where you enable the data, Bluetooth and similar can now be automated after you root your device.

3. Improves Battery Life ( in some cases) & Speeds-up the device : After you get the power to control the CPU configurations you can help it to tweak your device to perform the fastest ! And with proper tweaks in some cases the battery life improves a lot.

4. You Are Now Free To Use Titanium Back-up : Titanium Back up app is the best tool to move to a new Android device. It automates all the process and helps you restore all the things present in your old Android device by just few clicks.

5. Uninstall every pres-installed apps : Don’t want any pre-installed app to occupy space on your device ? Then simple delete those to make your smartphone cleaner.

Disadvantage of Rooting :

1. After rooting if you are not able to properly manage your superuser options your phone will become a dustbag ( because of unstable configurations).

2. You can get the latest version of Android for sure ! But if by chance your phone manufacturer announces the official Android update which will be more stable than your custom ROM you may not be able to install the Genuine ROM.

3. It’s a common alert which all rooting users know that their smartphones warranty period will not be valid anymore.

4. Your device has serious bugs after rooting except that if you have fine luck with that.

5. Device genuineness and performance decreases in almost all rooted device.

6. You will be easily affected by Spywares,Adwares (one in a million).

7. You are not counted as a Genuine user of Android anymore.

8. Some custom ROMs are released for creators benefits so beware!

9. Rooting your device may change your phones original language ( Rare Case ).

Now let us move on to the part where you get to root your Android device without using PC.

How to Root Android without Computer : 

Nowadays there are many ways to root Android devices without PC and we are going to see the best 2 methods.

1. Using Framaroot App :

Framaroot app is an app developed by the XDA developers to help users root their device woith just a single click.
You just need to download and install the APK file from the web.

And when you open the app you get three options.

1. Install Superuser
2. Install Super SU
3. Unroot
According to what you want you can choose between them and get started. Note that this works properly up to Android 4.2 version.

Well, also note that it is not a clean rooting app because it is detected as a RISKWARE (malware and virus ) by the CM Security.
framaroot identified detected as a RISKWARE (malware and virus )

But don’t worry as it will not harm your phone it just because this app is trying to gain special privileges for rooting your android device.

2. Towelroot by Geohot

It is a similar type of One-Click Root app but it is believed that the latest version doesn’t use the hardware exploit to gain root access. It uses CVE-2014-3153 (Linux kernel futex privilege escalation).

Download it from here.

After downloading and installing the apk run it by disabling any antivirus you have enabled.
Then after you open the app you will find a button “make it ra1n ” .

how to root android without computer
After you click on it, the exploit tools will root your Android device and your device will automatically get rebooted.

Note: while performing tests with rooting app we encountered a problem. Its that google app installer asks us to not to install it. As it contains code that attempts to bypass Android’s security protections. But you don’t need to worry about it, just ignore it and click “Install anyway”. That’s it.

how to root android without computer

towel root by geohot warning while rooting device


3.  Universal AndRoot

This is an another android app developed by XDA members. It has the functionality to root your android device in only one click, same as above apps 😛 Download it from here.

how to root android without computer

But this app might work for you if those above apps failed to root.


how to root android without computer

Z4ROOT is probably the oldest app for rooting android devices, it also roots in one click. It works all lower android version devices below gingerbread version. It roots all the older android devices without much work. Its very simple to use. Download it from its official website.


how to root android without computer

Root Master is an android app to root your android device. It will root all most all the android phones. Its very easy to root with this you just need to click “Get Root”. You can download the latest version from here.

How to check your phone is rooted properly or not?

After rooting your phone using above methods you can check it by an another app. Its available on Play store named as “Root Checker“. Just you have to install it and open the app and then click on “verify root”. If your device is rooted properly it will show “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device”. With this statement you can confirm that your device is rooted.

Final Verdict :

This is the ultimate collection of “how to root android without computer”. We have gathered all the working apps which are able to root android devices without the need of a PC. Try all the apps listed above one by one and do share your feedbacks and problems in the comments section. If you are facing any problem while rooting your device please let us know. We’ll surely help you 🙂 Stay tuned with us for more Tech Tricks and Tips.

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