Solution to Xiaomi MI3 Power Button Problem

Hello readers of Tech Glows, we received many messages from our beloved readers regarding a problem related to xiaomi mi3. I think you’re aware of this smartphone, if not read this xiaomi mi3 review article. It is still a better smartphone with 2.3 GHz snapdragon 800 Qualcomm quad core processor. Packed with 2GB of RAM, a high quality full HD 1080p display, 16GB storage, 13 MP rear and 2 MP front camera, etc.

Solution to Xiaomi MI3 Power Button Problem

So the problem which many users are facing is the power button (lock/unlock button). The button is not working normally. When we press it to unlock the  device, it acts just like we have pressed the button for 2-3 times simultaneously. Due to this the screen flashes on and off 2-3 times.

Some are saying that it’s a software issue and can be solved via an OTP update. But let me clear your facts, it is not a software problem. It is a hardware problem. So here’s a workaround for people facing issues while using power button to lock the xiaomi mi3 smartphone.

Solution to Xiaomi MI3 Power Button Problem

Method 1: Unlock with volume button and Lock using lock shortcut icon

1. Go to settings > additional settings > buttons > wake with volume buttons.

2. Add a “Lock screen”  toggle/shortcut on the home screen. You can do this by clicking right menu button and then selecting widgets. After that select toggles and from there drag the lock screen shortcut to home screen.

That’s it. You can now unlock your xiaomi mi3 with the volume buttons and lock by just a touch.

Method 2: Use screen gravity app to Lock and Unlock device

In this method we will use an app named screen gravity to lock and unlock our device automatically without the use of any buttons or touch. (It uses sensors to detect whether you’re using the device or not)

1. Download and Install Screen Gravity – On/Off app from play store.

2. Your device will ask permission for granting access to this app. Just give access to it.

3. Lock this app from the recent app tray.

That’s it. Now whenever you keep your device on a table or flat surface or in your pockets this app will automatically lock your MI3. (Screen facing downwards) When you lift or take your device it will automatically unlock too.

This method works fine and tested by me. Also it doesn’t consumes much battery.

Note: This is not an exact solution for this problem but an alternate method to lock and unlock your device without using the power button. If you want your button to work normally then you must take it to the nearest xiaomi service center. They will repair it free of cost if your device is under warranty period.

Did this article helped you? Are you facing any problems? Do you have any other methods to solve this problem? Comment down here with your query, we will surely reply each and everyone’s comments.


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