You Can Also become An Android Developer :The Setup Tutorial

You Can Also become An Android Developer :The Setup TutorialGoogle has made easy for everyone to become an android developer .It’s strategically important for Google to spread the android development  through these tools .

You can download the SDK by clicking on the link below :

After Downloading the tools here is an easy guide to install if you don’t understand what the developer page says .

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STEP 1 :

After downloading the zip file ,it is advisable for you to extract them and  keep the file on the drive which has more space .Just downloading the SDK doesn’t make the software run .

After Extracting the files you will see these files :


You then need a Java Runtime Environment .

Download that here<<<here..>>>

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STEP 2 :

After you download and install the latest JRE , then double-click on the Eclipse which should start your developer tools :

Here is a screenshot for better understanding :


After you double click on the eclipse application then you will see the developer tools start :


Then specify a folder, where your projects will be stored at. Give it a name as “Development”.

Now your Setup is complete .

Then you can create your first dummy App by referring<< here .>>>

Stay tuned for the Next tutorial to know more about developing a perfect App .In which we will post about how to make an android app.

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