Deal Alert: Xiaomi Mi Band Available For Just $12.89

Hello Readers of Tech Glows, In this article you are going to know about the smart features and a hot deal of Xiaomi Mi Band. I must say that it is a very useful product by Xiaomi. It was launched back in August 2014. It is basically a fitness tracker which helps you to Monitor your daily fitness level. Xiaomi is popularly known for releasing its creative products at affordable prices. And this Mi Band is the cheapest of all the smart bands available in the market.

deal alert Xiaomi Mi Band Available For Just 12 dollars

Design and Build

This smart band has a very simple design yet comes with smart features. This band doesn’t comes with a display rather it comes with 3 LEDs. This 3 LED’s colour can be set as green, orange, blue and red using the Mi Fit app from your smartphone. The Mi band mainly consists of two parts – The main part i.e., a capsule like thing having dimensions 14 x 36 x 9mm whose body is made up of polycarbonate and the surface is made up of metal i.e., 100% aluminium alloy and other part which is just a bracelet to hold the main part whose length is 225mm. This bracelet is made up of TPSiV, a top notch thermoplastic elastomer. It is available in many colours like green, cyan, grey, orange, pink, etc.

Xiaomi Mi Band discount deals

The device’s build quality is just awesome. The sensors used in this devices are not the normal ones but they are of military grade. The weight of the main part is just 5 gram. The best thing which I love in this device is it’s water and dust resistant(IP67).


This band monitors your every single step, calculates the amount of calories burned, tracks our walking distance and what not. You can set your goals like daily exercise targets of how many steps to walked and then it keeps a record of your exercise too.

Automatic Sleep Monitoring


You don’t need to take off your Mi Band while going for sleep. That’s because it is useful even when you are sleeping. Yeah! you heard right. It automatically monitors your sleep with the help of smart sensors. It can give you the exact time of when you have fell asleep. It also gives you the data of your sleep time i.e., the time you took to sleep and the number of hours/minutes you were asleep. Apart from that it has a smart alarm on setting which it will wake you using its smart vibrating technology. Actually the alarm does starts waking you gently 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. So you will be having a deep natural sleep and gradual wake up.

Unlock your phone without Password

Identify yourself with Mi Band. Swipe, unlock. No passcodes required.

This Band has a unique feature of smartly unlocking your Mi Phone without entering any password, pin or pattern. You must be wondering why this feature is unique, That’s because this feature is applicable only for the person/owner wearing this band. The other person need to enter the usual passwords/pins to unlock your phone. So isn’t it cool? It just makes use of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology 😛

Smart Incoming Call Alerts

This features makes your smart band vibrate when someone calls you. But what’s so cool in it? Well, there’s lot, let me tell you. Suppose your smartphone is in silent mode and someone calls you, how will you come to know that someone is calling you? You have to manually keep on watching the screen, right? So here this feature notifies you by vibrating when someone calls you even in silent mode.

30 Days Battery Life

The Xiaomi Mi Band gives you a battery backup of a whooping 30 days

The Xiaomi Mi Band gives you a battery backup of a whopping 30 days. Considering the price this is best of all the smart fitness trackers available in the market. That’s because it gives 4 times more battery backup than any other smart band. It is packed with a 8mm ultra thin lithium polymer battery which is having 41 mAh capacity.

Price and Availability

Earlier, this Xiaomi Mi Band was available exclusively at Xiaomi’s site that too in flash sales. But don’t worry it is now available for open sale at GearBest. Unlike the Xiaomi site you don’t need to wait and register for the flash sale. You can simply buy this smart band now for just $12.89 (This Discount offer is valid for just 6 days). 

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