10 Perfect Chatbots for your E-commerce Store

E-commerce sector has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Chatbots are the new fad among the e-commerce business owners. Just as website security is of the utmost importance for every e-commerce store, chatbot has become just as important. Obtaining user’s confidence and to improve the conversion rate, not only Chatbots but also having a trusted badge (usually delivered with SSL certificates like Comodo) matters a lot. Both help ensure customers that they and their data are valuable.

10 Perfect Chatbots for your Ecommerce Store

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated program that is used to carry out a programmed activity according to the inputs received from the users as text messages or audio files. They work with the objective of providing a superior shopping experience and encourage better interactions.

Advantages of having a Chatbot

  • A chatbot enhances the conversion rate by addressing the queries that the customer might be having.

  • It compels them to complete the purchase by driving better decision making.

  • Chatbots guide the prospect and assist them if they need help in understanding the product specifications.

  • In case of a technical glitch, the customer can get help from the chatbot and assign you a customer executive.

  • E-commerce businesses have made shopping all the more pleasant for the customers with the help of these chatbots that are available 24×7 at the service.

Let’s see deeper into the best performing chatbots in e-commerce.

Best Chatbots For Ecommerce

  1. IBM Watson

You can vouch on IBM Watson as one of the most reliable chatbots for your e-commerce store. It takes help of machine learning to converse well with the customer or prospect through a neural network.

  1. Yellow messenger

If you are a techie, the Yellow messenger is the perfect chatbot for you. As it has a huge range of purchasing interaction possible, you might need additional coding to know how to execute it. The best part of this chatbot is that it can be used for diverse industries ranging from travel to IT fields.

  1. Operator

To make shopping easy for the global consumers, Operator is an ideal bot that focuses on streamlining e-commerce processes. This facilitates the prospects to navigate through the curated products, complete the purchases and striking a conversation with the professionals who can simplify the customs and importing.

  1. Wit.ai

Wit.ai employs natural language processing so that complex queries can be simplified into entities, intents, contexts, and actions. In addition to mobile apps, you can use this bot for integration into various types of e-commerce websites by the use of JavaScript.

  1. Semantic Machines

This bot consists of fundamental features such as conversation engine, speech synthesis, deep learning, speech recognition, reinforcement learning, semantic intent extraction, and language generation technology. As a result, the e-commerce bot can get a better understanding on the conversations and provide relevant suggestions and insights into it.

  1. Pandora Bots

Pandora Bots uses an API for integration into mobile applications and websites. It works by including A.L.I.C.E (The Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) and makes use of AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). You can consider it a natural language processing chatbot.

  1. Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework is an extensively used chatbot builder that shares its SDK so that businesses can build their distinct chatbot. It provides an API that can be used for hosting a bot on mobile applications or websites. Its main advantage is that it is built on an open source. Moreover, it even helps in the integration of additional services such as Bing API as a search engine, Cortana for voice, and LUIS for natural language understanding.

  1. Botcommerce

If you are looking for a chatbot that provides order status updates, tracking number requests or answers to FAQs, Botcommerce is the right choice for you. It works like an on-demand customer service bot that you can integrate with any website.

  1. Letsclap

Letsclap is a unique chatbot platform that helps to create a tailormade experience for customers by the addition of images, audio, video, and location information in the chat window. This makes the conversation more relevant and adds a human touch to it despite being automated.

  1. Dialogflow

Dialogflow was previously referred to as api.ai. It is a conversational tool that converts the query text into actionable data to return the output as a response object. The bot works by matching the query to the most apt intent as per the details mentioned in the intent.

Wrapping Up

Chatbots inspire conversation commerce and make the current marketing dynamics more favorable for the online shoppers. You should see to it that the chatbot is compatible with the e-commerce store and renders a flawless experience for the customer. It should not annoy the customers with irrelevant automated replies. That is the bottom line whenever you decide to use chatbots.

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