The 55″ HOM Smart TV; The Most Affordable Solution to Your Entertainment Needs

Buying a TV is like solving a puzzle. There are many brands in the market, some of them, you didn’t even hear of. If you run behind brand value, you will have to lose out on features. Let me be honest! No renowned brands offer a healthy price to features ratio!

In this scenario, the 55” HOM Smart TV gets an edge. Not only does it fits your wallet, but it will also take your breath away as you know the features.

The 55″ HOM Smart TV; The Center of Non-Stopping Entertainment

You want to buy a TV, I suppose. What do you ask for in a store? Most probably, you will ask for some of the renowned brands and settle for them, knowing you have lost a lot on the features. Well, you shouldn’t do that, especially when you are on a shoelace budget.

The 55" HOM Smart TV

What if you want a 55” 4K Smart TV and you can’t shell out a ton of money? That’s where the significance of HOM TV kicks in. You are going to read a few of its features. Don’t forget to go through them.

4K Resolution with HDR Support

The 55" HOM Smart TV 4k hd

The very first thing anyone care about in a television is the quality of the media output. Given the 4K resolution, you will never even get a chance to complain about the same. Once you unbox the television and start playing, it gives you the best media consumption experience you ever have.

Support for Miracast Technology

Have you ever wished for a magic wand that brings videos from your small screens (mobile phone or computer) to the bigger TV screen? You get it with 55” HOM Smart TV.

The Miracast technology allows you to send the media content from the smartphone to the TV without any stutter. In short, it can be considered as HDMI without cable.

All you have to do is, following the instructions given in the manual.

Android 4.4

The 55" HOM Smart TV android

Smart TVs don’t come with Android OS always. Nonetheless, everyone prefers it for the convenience and the availability of applications. That’s why HOM has gone with it.

You can install your favorite apps from the official Play Store whenever you want. It is important to note that the OS is not what you actually see on a smartphone. Instead, the KitKat version on HOM TV is optimized for the best media experience on big screen. The OS is loaded with inbuilt apps which keep the tv watchers entertained (games), active, informed (live updates every 30 mins) and fit (fat burn program).

3 HDMI Ports

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Unlike the conventional way of transferring video and audio via separate cables, HDMI transmits uncompressed video data and compressed/uncompressed audio data through a single cable.

You can use HDMI ports to connect your TV to a Fire Stick, Chromecast, projector, computer, satellite receiver, audio system, Blu-Ray player, or a DVD player. The company has included three such ports in the TV.

2 USB Ports

Everyone knows what a USB port is. The arrival of thumb drives has initiated a brand-new data revolution. If you don’t want to go through casting and all, you can just transfer the videos from your computer to a pen drive. Once done, connect the same to your TV. It will display the content, which you can select and play.

HOM has included two USB ports, even though the TV plays content from a single source.

Ethernet Port (RJ45)

For Smart TV to become really smart, it needs an internet connection. You can directly plug in an ethernet cable to the HOM TV provided the necessary port it has.

What if you don’t want to fiddle with the cables and still want the TV to stay smart? Well, the following is the solution.

Built-in WiFi

HOM 55'' 4K UHD Smart TV built in wifi

Wireless Fidelity (aka WiFi) is one of the astonishing technology we have ever seen. It allows us to transfer data through radio waves within a blink. If you don’t want to use ethernet, you can give the TV the internet access by connecting it to an active wireless network.

Of course, the manual inside the box walks you through the entire process of establishing the connection.

Smart Remote

The 55" HOM Smart TV smart remote

You get a smart remote with the TV. It can control other devices at your home via Bluetooth, WiFi or infrared.

365 Days Replacement Warranty

Maybe some of you are hearing the name HOM for the first time. The beginner’s fear may keep you away from buying a TV from them. The company is well aware of the scenario. That’s why they are offering a 365-days replacement warranty.

If you feel something is out of order within a year of purchase, you can replace the faulty unit. The company assures you won’t have to use the replacement warranty (simply because of zero faults in the TV).

Affordable Price

You can have a look at the pricing of so-called brands. They charge you over Rs. 70000 for 55” 4K Smart TVs. Obsessive in the name of the brand, you tend to forget the features you are getting.

HOM’s 55” 4K Smart TV costs you only 30K ! Yeah, you heard it, that’s why it is called as HOM: Har Family ka member, Mobile se sasta TV. It is about the half of what the well-known brands charge. You can even compare the features to get a bigger picture.

Easy EMI

What if you are carving for a Smart TV of 55” but you don’t have a 30K right now? Well, you can approach the nearest store and enquire the availability of HOM TVs there. If you don’t want to do that, use the store locator on the official site. Apart from the regular channels, HOM India targets to make their TVs available for sale in mobile phone stores across the country.

The offline vendors will give you an option to buy in EMI, so you won’t have to shell out a big amount.

Final Verdict

What do you prefer, countless features in a budget or a brand name that rips your pocket? It is time for you to decide. If you prefer the former, you won’t look elsewhere but HOM. They have given a toll-free number on the homepage of the official website. You can dial it and book your unit right now.

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