What is the brief history of machine learning?

When machine learning was introduced in the IT industry first, it came up as something that interested many people. That time it was felt as something that is imaginary and something that is from the future times. Soon, time passed by and this technique of the future came up to become a matter of reality. Though normal humans were not aware of the terms since quite some time, they were using different activities and applications unknowingly that had the usage of machine learning in them. Today, the application of machine learning can be noticed in a wide way today in different places such as entertainment, digital security, and many others. 

machine learning

The neural network was noticed for the very first time in 1943 by two of the experts Walter Pitts, who was a Mathematician, and Warren McCulloch, who was a Neurophysiologist. Both of them came into a collaboration to write a paper that talked about how neurons work. Both of them soon started developing a model that was featured in connecting and also in resembling the neurons through an electric circuit. 

The Discoveries

Machine learning has become one of the eminent parts in case of IT development. There are so many individuals who wish to take up machine learning training for their future prospects. But before getting into such a wide era of technology, it is highly important for individuals to know about the history of machine learning. 

It was by 1950 when Alan Turing, one of the famous scientists, developed a Turing test that got quite famous. For the test, a computer was needed that can use the neural networks for deceiving humans about its existence of not being a computer, but of being a human. 

It was then by the year 1952 when Arthur Samuel came up with the first program on a computer that worked as it learned. This was the first time when proper running of the computer took place with the help of the programming. 

Another incident that is worth mentioning is the introduction of the neural network that took place somewhere around 1959. Bernard Widrow and Marcian Hoff, the two scientists came up with two different models that were based on neural networks. This discovery was done at Stanford University. 

Adeline was one of the first models among these. This particular model was known for its capability of detecting binary patterns from the provided input data. 

Adeline came up with its next-generation model Madeline that became the second model and was highly capable of detecting as well as also eliminating phone line echoes. This particular technique is even in use by today, after about more than 60 years. 

Both the models were quite successful and proved to be highly beneficial to human mankind and society. Though the success rate of both the models was quite high, still there was no progress in reality that was noticed until the 1970s for the techniques of neural networks. 

This has happened due to a high number of reasons that are being known in history. One such reason is the Von Neumann architecture that became extremely popular at that time. This particular model was held to be much simpler and easy to use in comparison to the neural networks due to a number of reasons. Among these reasons, one of the most common and the most eminent one was that it has the possibility of storing data and instructions at the same place in its memory. This made the model much more popular and people started working on this model much conveniently than on the neural networks. 

The interest of people in neural networks rose only by 1982. This happened when John Hopfield, a scientist, came up with the network created with the help of bidirectional lines. These worked in the same way as neural networking did. It can be said that it also gave way to the modern-day machine learning technique soon. 

It was not until the 21st century when the usage of machine learning was understood and absorbed. Many of the businesses and different enterprises understood the benefits of using machine learning and realized the fact that it is something that will become the future support of the business. As soon as this realization peaked up in the people of various organizations, the usage of the machine learning grew up. The entry of the machine learning process in the businesses increased the efficiency of the businesses and also helped in reducing the errors did that led to the boosting of productivity in many companies and segments. 

The Current Scenario

Slowly when machine learning started penetrating the business houses and their operations, it was understood by the experts that it is here to stay. The future can be seen quite clearly that how machine learning techniques were making things change in an efficient way. Initially, the process was used in big terms but now so much is the popularity of machine learning that life has become impossible without them. 

Whether it is booking a cab or ordering your food from home or even driving a vehicle, everything needs the application of machine learning as of now. Also, organizations have to include the process in their operations so that they are not left behind and they can also be in the league of winning always. 

But having a machine learning process successfully in an organization is not possible without having proper experts who can understand the machine learning process well and can work accordingly. Initially, when the method was not much complex, just IT experts were hired to take care of such a method. But now when the processes and the methods have turned out to be highly complex, it has become utterly important to get a team of experts who also have a basic understanding of the machine learning technique. These candidates should have the basics about machine learning clear in their mind and also should also know how to apply this knowledge in the right field so that the best performance can be achieved. 

There are many candidates who have got a good number of experience now in the field of machine learning but the organization still do not prefer them today. This is because organizations are now not looking just for the experience but also for someone with basic knowledge and training. This can be only available in the individuals who are trained in the certification course of machine learning. There are so many individuals today who are coming up with such a machine learning certification so that they can join up in the required profile and benefit the company. 

Machine learning  Certification does not just make the candidates benefit the company in which they are joining but these certifications are helpful in benefiting the candidates in a number of ways. They have a high career opportunity because the demand and application of machine learning are continuously increasing. Also, the organizations today are ready to offer a good salary package to those who are qualified and certified and who are skilled enough in the field of machine learning and are efficient in the work that can benefit the business in a wide aspect. 

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