How to Lock Anyone’s Facebook Account

Hello, today we are posting a trick about Locking a specific person’s Facebook id/profile/account instantly. Yes! You heard right you can block anyone’s Facebook account. Just follow the method below.

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how to lock anyones facebook account

How to Lock Anyone’s Facebook Account :

1. Copy http:// 34255353309

2. Before pasting this link, please add space between “http://” and “34255353309”

3. Send this to victim’s chat box and ask him/her to copy this link and paste in comments or in any status in Facebook.

That’s it his/her Facebook account will be Locked within seconds.

Enjoy Locking your Friends Facebook Account/profile Β πŸ˜€

Note : This Trick is personally tested by me and its working fine. Please don’t send the link directly without adding space. Or else your own Facebook account will be blocked.

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How to unlock the Blocked Facebook Account/profile :

After pasting the link in your comments/status you will be blocked instantly and you can’t log in. You will get a Temporarily Blocked notification.

how to unlock blocked facebook account


So now to Recover your account, you need to follow below steps :

1. After you get the temporarily locked notification click on “Continue”.

2. Then Facebook will ask you to complete a security challenge, complete it.

unlock unblock facebook account

3. Now Confirm your Identity by Answering your security question or by identifying photos of your friends.

unlock facebook id


Another method is to visit Facebook’s Homepage and after entering your login credentials click forgot password and complete the password change verification. That’s it now you’ve successfully unlocked your facebook account.

Stay tuned with us for more Tech Tricks and Tips, Thanks.

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