MilesWeb Magento Hosting Optimized For Best Performance

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform is used by many PHP developers to create a site. According to a survey it is found that more than 20% of the top 1000 e-retailers in the US and Canada use Magento. The number is also increasing in other countries, and I think you are also one of the users.

Are you looking for a special managed Magento hosting partner?

If yes, then I must say, your search at MilesWeb comes to an end.

MilesWeb is a well-known web hosting company that is specialized in Magento hosting too. They promise you to provide blazing fast Magento hosting that is powered by LiteSpeed and LiteMage. There are a lot of best web hosting services in India providers available but with MilesWeb you’ll get high reliability and 24/7 instant live chat support.

Why LiteSpeed Web Server + LiteMage Cache?

In Magento hosting, MilesWeb deploys your site on LiteMage. LiteMage easily handles high loads and sudden traffic spikes by providing you high performance. It comes with an enhanced tag-based cache management system, which ensures your Magento store’s pages are served quickly without any interruption.

Reasons to use LiteSpeed + LiteMage are:

1) Provides Magento Specific Caching –

LiteMage cache works on ESI technology i.e. punches holes in the pages that have very specific information about users. In this, dynamic content is offered from the cache memory and visitors’ information is processed as dynamic. When the next visitor comes to the website, then those holes get filled with the visitor’s information. Also, full per user pages are cached for repeating visits, in such cases, the holes are not created.

2) Static + Dynamic Caching –

Magento has multiple caching options like PHP opcode, NGiNX, and Varnishe but still, all the results show LiteMage as a winner in terms of Magento 1 and Magento 2 speed test.

3) Low CPU and Memory Needs –

Less RAM and CPU memory is utilized by LiteMage as compared to other PHP caching techniques like Varnish.

4) Quick Page Load –

It combines all the received responses by assembling the full page content that reduces the page load time. It also eliminates the option of creating an individual request for retrieving each block separately which helps in improving the Magento page load speed.

5) Native Site Crawling –

Once LiteMage is installed, caching starts immediately, and all the pages of your Magento store get crawled automatically. This warms up the cache and as a result, every visitor to the page gets optimum load speed.

6) Native SSL Support –

LiteMage’s native SSL support ensures that every user authentication is validated with encrypted session tokens. This tight authentication avoids possible hacking attempts.

7) DDoS Protection –

LiteSpeed comes with an anti-DDoS feature that can defend against several common HTTP attacks of which Magento 1 and Magento 2 websites are frequent victims.

8) Multiple View and Ajax Support –

LiteMage provides support for multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-user groups with support for extensions using Ajax-based cart.

The above features are self-explanatory about their high-end security protection.

Let’s see features offered by MilesWeb Magento hosting:

 1) Redis Backend and Session Cache –

Magento performance is enhanced by Redis used as an in-memory backend and session cache. Magento backend, add to cart and checkout are all accelerated using Redis.

2) Optimized Server –

MilesWeb’s server is highly optimized that ensures the swift and efficient functioning of your store.

3) CloudFlare CDN + Railgun –

All Magento hosting plans incorporate CloudFlare’s CDN and Railgun, which ensures faster load speeds for users across the globe.

4) Free Magento Installation –

Magento is free to install and you can install it as many times as you want, at no additional cost. With your desires hosting plans, MilesWeb offers you free Magento installation.

5) Magento Consultancy –

MilesWeb has a special team that guides you from time to time and helps your eCommerce business grow. The team helps you with the up-gradation, suggests and guides you about suitable plugins, and also solves your database related issues.

All hosting plans from MilesWeb offer best of hosting features are:

1) Free SSL certificate: to ensure that your site is free all types of malware.

2) Pure SSD storage: to improve the site’s performance by 200% than the previous.

3) Tight security: to provide high security against viruses and all types of external malware.

4) Latest software: the latest version of PHP and MySQL are provided and they are automatically upgraded as soon as new version releases.

5) Free migration: all your data is migrated for free from the current datacenter to MilesWeb’s datacenter without any data loss and downtime.

6) 1-click installer: you can install over 400 applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc in just a click.

7) Free website builder: an easy to use website builder tool is provided for free.

MilesWeb ensures that all your web hosting needs gets fulfilled at one place and hence, they are power house in hosting industry.


With MilesWeb’s 24/7 technical support, you can count on them easily. The 99.95% uptime ensures your Magento site is running every-time a visitor comes to your site. So, if you are looking for Magento Hosting, then try MilesWeb now.

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