The Impact Of COVID-19 On Link Building- What Will Work?

Without any doubt, the backlinks that you build for your website are the fuel for your SEO strategy. Quality links with high authority and niche-relevant sites have huge potential when it comes to securing top rankings on search engines. However, link building is not a one-time effort but something you need to do consistently to boost and sustain your online rankings. And you have to make sure that your approach is aligned with the current internet landscape, trends, and situation. Right now, things are going to be all the more crucial for businesses that aspire to reach the top by building new links during the pandemic. It is, therefore, important to understand the right approach towards link building through the COVID 19 crisis. Here are the recommendations you should follow. 

Prioritize the most effective topics

Effective topics are essentially the trending ones because they have the potential to attract the audience if you choose them for link building. Right now, the most obvious choice should be anything related to personal hygiene, social distancing, working from home, mental health and positivity, and self-development. Publishing quality and information-rich content is the key to securing top search engine rankings now and forever. In fact, this is a good time to leverage trending content because people are at home and spending a lot of time online. Any website that offers quality information can keep the audience engaged and win their attention as well. 

Show that you care

Taking audience engagement to the next level is also an important aspect that businesses should focus on right now. Even while you churn out content for link building objectives, staying approachable and showing that you care about consumer health and well being can make all the difference. Bear in mind that link building is much more than extending the reach of your business; rather, it is also about providing value to the audience and building relationships. And these are all the more important right now; when people are feeling isolated and left out. 

Ramp up your outreach initiatives 

While creating quality content is one side of the link building picture, outreach is the other. The dynamics of business landscape have changed after the pandemic, so you would have to realign your outreach strategy as well. The best thing to do would be to hire link building company with the right experience and expertise because they can steer your initiative in the right direction. Here, it is important to collaborate with reputed bloggers in your niche though you can try something new in the current situation. For example, you can consider reaching out to healthcare blogs even if you are in IT domain and can get quality links by publishing content on healthcare IT solutions. 

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for everyone and digital marketers are no exception. Still, surviving and sustaining is all about adapting to challenges with a fresh approach and this is exactly what you need to do with your link building strategy right now. Certainly, these small steps can make a huge difference!